Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little extra Freedom For Rylie

Rylie sleeps in a toddler bed. We have a gate in her doorway, so when she wakes up in the morning there is no way for her to get out of her room, until I come and get her. She usually wakes up, goes on her potty, then starts playing with her toys. She also wakes up Cesalie and plays with her through the crib.

When we were on vacation all three girls slept in the same room. Rylie and Karlie were in the beds and Cesalie was in a pack n play. We never even thought about having a gate for Rylie and we weren't too concerned because Cesalie was waking up first. So, when Cesalie started crying in the morning, we would get her, bring her out into the living room, and soon Rylie would follow. Around our third or fourth morning there, Rylie woke up first and soon realized that she could just leave the room. So she quietly snuck out without waking up her sisters. She went out to the dining room and set the table for breakfast(paper products), just like I had asked her to do the day before. Then she came in our room and went right to Vince's side of the bed and told him to wake up. Next morning it was the same thing. She woke up, set the table for breakfast, then got her art supplies and was out in the living room coloring when Vince woke up and found her. The next morning. I thought I had her beat. I woke up early, went right to her bedroom, and discovered she was already gone, and so was Karlie. I went out into the living room and Rylie was out on the couch sleeping. Karlie was right next to her reading a book. Karlie said she woke up to go to the bathroom and found Rylie asleep on the couch, so she decided to stay out there with her. I wonder what Rylie must have been doing that morning, before she got so tired and fell asleep on the couch.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I can not even tell you how much Rylie loved the amusement rides while we were on vacation. We went to the boardwalk each night where they had tons of rides. When we pulled up in the parking lot the second night, Rylie jumped out of her car seat and shouted RIDES!!!!! Wook(LOOK) Bin(Vin aka Daddy) Wook Bin! She wasn't afraid of any rides. The only problem was that she was too short to ride a lot of them, unless an adult (me) went on with her.

Before we got in line for each ride she would run up to the sign to check her height. It was sooooo cute!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Back

We are home from our vacation. We stayed in Sea Isle NJ, but we also visited Wildwood, Ocean City, Stone Harbor and Cape May NJ. I have a lot of catching up to do. One whole week without Internet access, wow! Usually I could care less about being on line when I'm on vacation, but this was the first year that I have a blog and joined a couple of forums, so I was definitely missing the Internet. Anyway, I'm off to catch up on my blog reading. There are about 300 post on my Google reader!

Here are a few vacation pics!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

A little update

Ok, so last Tuesday I took Rylie to the pediatrician . She had a fever and was not eating. They did a strep test in the office and it came back negative. The doctor told me she just had a virus, and to give her Gatorade for 24 hours. By Friday Rylie was still running a high fever with no appetite. On Friday afternoon she broke out in a rash all over both legs. I called the doctor and she didn't seem concerned about the rash but told me to bring her into the office the next day if she still had a fever. Well, that next morning the doctor told me that the strep test that they send out to the lab came back positive! So my poor baby had strep throat all week with no treatment. As soon as Rylie started the antibiotics she started feeling better.

Now last night Cesalie developed a fever. I called the doctor expressing my concern that she probably caught the strep from Rylie. The doctor told me children under two years old rarely get strep and that she would need to be seen in the office. So I took her in today and her strep test came back negative. She said it could possibly be a Urinary tract infection since she doesn't have any other symptoms besides a fever. So I have to wait until Friday for results on the lab test for strep and the UTI. The doctor did prescribe antibiotics for Cesalie in the mean time. She has already had two doses of antibiotics today plus Motrin, but her fever isn't breaking.
Her temperature is 102.1

We are getting ready to go on vacation in a few days, so I guess it's good that all this sickness is happening now, but I hope nobody else in this house get sick.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet Baby!

What kind of Lovey does your child have? You know, the one special doll, stuffed animal, blanket, etc that they can't fall asleep without holding onto. I thought I would take this opportunity, while Rylie was sleeping(still not feeling well- Ped appt-4:30)to show you her Lovey. It's her baby doll that she colored with permanent marker one day. It was her favorite Lovey before she markered it up....So, I'm still not sure what she was thinking when she decided to do this. Click on the pic to really see it close up.
Oh, and she gave her baby doll an original name- she calls it BABY!

Nurse Karlie

Rylie is not feeling good at all. She started back at school yesterday (a summer program where she gets her therapies), and came home extremely tired w/ a fever. I gave her some tylenol and by dinner time she seemed herself again. This morning as soon as she woke up she started vomiting. She still has the reflux thing going on. She has been taking Zantac while waiting for her appointment with the GI doctor, which will be on July 17th. Even with the Zantac the reflux seems to be getting worse. So, right now I'm not sure if the vomiting this morning is related to the reflux or if she now has some type of virus, because of the fever yesterday. I'm waiting to put a call into the ped.

Anyway I wanted to share these pictures of Karlie taking care of Rylie yesterday.

Monday, July 7, 2008

IEP Take Two

In May we had Rylie's kindergarten IEP. All went well. We were in agreement with all the therapies and goals. They had this great program where basically Rylie would be in a special ed kindergarten class that integrated with the general kindergarten class. The classes were to be together pretty much the whole day except for reading and math. So, Rylie would be in the general kindergarten class w/ a special ed teacher, an aide and about 6 other kids from special ed. I visited the classrooms and I was very impressed. I honestly could not tell the difference between the kids who were special ed and the kids who weren't.

So, a few weeks back the director of Special ed called me to informed me that this program was no longer going to be available because they only have one other kindergartner for special ed besides Rylie this coming fall. They are now thinking Rylie will do special ed with the first graders and spend more time in regular ed kindergarten with this one other kindergartner sharing an aide. Am I making sense?

This is all good and bad. The good is that she will have even more time in general ed and this other kindergartner is most likely Rylie's friend Alice, who you can meet again by clicking on this post. Her friend Alice and her family just moved around the corner from us! So, I am thrilled that these two best friends will be going through elementary school together. Also like I mentioned, I saw all of the special ed kindergartners when I toured the classrooms, and these are the same kids who would be the first graders Rylie would spend some time with. They all seemed like great kids!

The bad is that, it is a little unsettling that you can think your all done with an IEP and then have them call you and say, sorry we need to change things! Also, I am still a little bit apprehensive that she is starting kindergarten and now it's like she is going to first grade(for math and reading anyway). I mean, she will follow the kindergarten curriculum, but she will be w/ first graders. It's all very confusing right now and I really won't understand it all until I go to the IEP meeting tomorrow.

I'm sure that technically I could say NO WAY JOSE, we all ready signed the original IEP and you need to stick with it, but I really won't be able to make a decision until I go tomorrow and find out more. And honestly, since we signed her original IEP, I have second guess myself about a few things, so I feel like now I have a fresh start to bring a few new things to the table. YKWIM?

So, wish me luck as once again I will be going to Rylie's IEP meeting!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bin and Bonz Bub

If you go back and read this post, you will see that Rylie was at one time calling my husband MOM, instead of dad or daddy. Not too long after that post she did finally start calling him Daddy. We were pretty thankful, that we no longer had to correct her.

So, my husband's name is Vince. Alot of people call him Vinnie, Karlie calls him dad, Cesalie calls him DAHYEE and I just call him Vin. So, now Rylie has decided to call him Vin too, except that she pronounces it Bin. Yup, he is no longer Daddy, he is Bin. All day long, BIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!. Come here Bin, Hi Bin, Bin's home, and so on. Ha Ha! She is refusing right now to call him Daddy. I just cant figure her out. Here's the really funny thing-She still calls me Mommy, but every once in a while when she REALLY wants to make sure she has my attention, she calls me Bal.

And Cesalie who is just starting to say some words has a new one or two -BONZ BUB, which means Sponge Bob. LOL! My one year old watches Sponge Bob. And loves it! I know this is probably not good and I personally can't stand the show, but Rylie and Karlie watch it sometimes and we noticed how much Cesalie was enjoying it. And, since lately Cesalie cries and whines ALL DAY (5 teeth coming through, ear infection, bad cold,stranger anxiety, etc)Sponge Bob brings some relief.

So there has been a lot of Bin and Bonz Bub around our home!

Friday, July 4, 2008