Sunday, November 30, 2008

When I'm editing a blog post and hit the enter button by mistake my post automatically publishes. It drives me nuts! I'm not ready to publish but there it goes, right to the google reader. People who have me on google reader must think I'm nuts.

A Miracle

Shopping with my kids is torture. Most of the time I don't do it. I wait until Vince gets home to do any real shopping. Rylie has always hated sitting in a stroller or shopping cart. She screams to get out. She wants to get up and walk, but the problem is she also wants to run away! Cesalie is the same way. I have never been able to just put a kid in the stroller and stroll the mall or a favorite store. I must admit, I get extremely jealous when I see other babies/kids sitting in their strollers eating Cheerios or relaxing with their sippy cups, while my kid is throwing Cheerios and sippy cups along with screaming they want OUT!

Yesterday we all went to the mall. Rylie was being Rylie and refused to sit in a stroller. Cesalie screamed and cried alot! They were both pretty bad. But at least there was me, Vince and Karlie to deal with them.

Since Rylie and Cesalie were being so bad we decided to REWARD them with a visit to Santa! That was fun! More on that later w/ some pictures. Yes, I teach my kids that if they misbehave, then they can go see Santa and give him a list of presents they WANT.(Actually, maybe Santa was punishment for Cesalie because she screamed her head off when she saw him.)

After Santa, back to shopping AND THEN A MIRACLE OCCURRED- I sat on a bench with Karlie and Rylie, while Cesalie was in her stroller and Vince ran into a store. Cesalie was actually just sitting there being quiet. I was talking w/ Karlie and Rylie, when I glanced over at Cesalie and saw this............................

YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS A MIRACLE-READY?????....................................

A child of mine asleep in a stroller???? You don't understand- it has never happened-ever! You just don't know how excited I was. In my ten years of being a mom, I have never had a kid fall asleep in a stroller while I shopped. So, there you have it-my Christmas miracle.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's new with me????

Does anybody really care? I'm just not into blogging lately. I think 31 for 21 wore me out! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but even more I'm looking forward to going away this weekend for our 12 year wedding anniversary! CAN YOU SAY KID FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks mom-mom and Aunt Kimmy! I'm mostly looking forward to sleeping as late as I want. I don't even know what it's like not to be woken up by kids in the morning. Seriously, I don't even need an alarm clock. So, anyway we are going down the shore for the weekend. We are staying at my Aunt's house in Sea Isle, but we are going to visit Atlantic City and the Cape May Winery, two places you just can't take your kids to. FUN!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Not sure what to blog about

so here are a couple cute pictures of Rylie....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Guess who's going to be in Gifts Volume II ?.......

Rylie's Mom-Mom (my mom) wrote and submitted a beautiful story(essay) about Rylie, and it was chosen to be in Gifts Volume II. We are thrilled!