Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bin and Bonz Bub

If you go back and read this post, you will see that Rylie was at one time calling my husband MOM, instead of dad or daddy. Not too long after that post she did finally start calling him Daddy. We were pretty thankful, that we no longer had to correct her.

So, my husband's name is Vince. Alot of people call him Vinnie, Karlie calls him dad, Cesalie calls him DAHYEE and I just call him Vin. So, now Rylie has decided to call him Vin too, except that she pronounces it Bin. Yup, he is no longer Daddy, he is Bin. All day long, BIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!. Come here Bin, Hi Bin, Bin's home, and so on. Ha Ha! She is refusing right now to call him Daddy. I just cant figure her out. Here's the really funny thing-She still calls me Mommy, but every once in a while when she REALLY wants to make sure she has my attention, she calls me Bal.

And Cesalie who is just starting to say some words has a new one or two -BONZ BUB, which means Sponge Bob. LOL! My one year old watches Sponge Bob. And loves it! I know this is probably not good and I personally can't stand the show, but Rylie and Karlie watch it sometimes and we noticed how much Cesalie was enjoying it. And, since lately Cesalie cries and whines ALL DAY (5 teeth coming through, ear infection, bad cold,stranger anxiety, etc)Sponge Bob brings some relief.

So there has been a lot of Bin and Bonz Bub around our home!


Michelle said...

that is too funny :) Sometimes Kayla will call "Joooooooe!" LOL

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I agree Sponge Bob is annoying and I can't stand to watch it, but I think it's basically harmless and my girls watch it, too. Peanut loves it. And Peanut says Daddy but laughs at me if I ask her to say Mommy.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Yeah spongebob drives me nuts too, but all my kids love him! haha He's affectionately known as "Blah blah" in our house :).

The Mom said...

Hee hee - Brady LOVES Sponge Bob :) And, he says it about as well as Cesalie LOL

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