Sunday, November 4, 2007


Why do I have a picture of my husband Vince here when the title of my post is Mom ????? Well because, that is what Rylie calls her Daddy. We don't know why she does it or how much longer this will continue. Now, she knows he's DADDY, but she just likes to call him mom. She'll say mom- he'll say, I'm daddy! It doesn't matter how many times we correct her, she just keeps calling him mom. When he pulls into the driveway she looks out the window and shouts," Daddy's home ,Daddy's home" -but when he walks through the door , she says Hi mom!! It's just so funny. By the way she calls me Mommy!

1 comment:

RK said...

I love that she says "Daddy's home" but then calls him Mom... priceless!

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