Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cesalie Update

Well Cesalie had her 4 month check up today. She is 14 lbs 1oz and 25 inches. She is doing great!-However we have an issue. I noticed when she came home from the hospital after she was born that her little tongue had a funny shape. It is kinda heart shaped at the tip instead of round. But I really never thought about it again and even forgot to say anything to the pediatrician at her 2 week check up and 1 month check up. One day I was on line at an awesome baby website (TALKINGBABIES.COM) and reading what another mom wrote-She was saying that her baby has TONGUE TIE and she was taking her baby to the ENT to get her tongue clipped. She wanted to know if anybody elses baby had this procedure. After reading this I wanted to know just out of curiousity -what on earth is Tongue Tie????So of course I google it and find out right away that that the classic sign of Tongue Tie is a heart shaped tongue. Tongue Tie aka (ankyloglossia) is when frenulum (the cord that stretches from under the tongue to the floor of the mouth) is too short and it can restrict the mobility of the tongue. When I took Karlie the following week to the pediatrician for her check up I brought Cesalie with me and had the doctor look at her tongue. She told me yes, Cesalie does have a mild tongue tie. I wanted to know why I was never told this before and the doctor said because it's so mild and we don't see it being a problem. the only time the doctor would recommend having the tongue clipped is if there was a problem with feeding or if they are older and have a problem with speech. I have just started to give Cesalie some rice cereal on the spoon and she just spits it out of her mouth-so at her appt today I told the doctor. the doctor doesn't think it is because of the tongue tie. She thinks its because she is still little and just learning how to eat off of a spoon. She said if spoon feeding doesn't improve over the next few weeks to a month then we can talk about sending her to an ENT . Well I'm not going to wait- when I got home I made Cesalie an appointment with the ENT. I don't want her to have her tongue clipped if it's not necessary, but then again I don't want her to end up having a speech problem later on if we can just have the problem fixed now. The tongue clipping is a minor surgery that the ENT would do right in the office. They just clip the Frenulum. I guess I'll just wait and see what the ENT says.


The weird thing is that from what I have read Tongue Tie is hereditary. Neither my husband nor I have anybody in are families with this and also it is more comman in boys.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, she is just adorable!!

My cousin's son was also a tiny bit tongue-tied. They (drs) said he didn't need the procedure, but they (parents) wanted it done anyway. He was a little older than Cesalie, though - I think about 7 mos?

Regardless, it went just fine & he's had no problems with it - he's almost 5 yrs old now.

RK said...

Man, she's cute!

I can only say that myself and three others in my family were tongue-tied, and all of us were clipped as newborns. No probs after that... You're right that it's super simple and not traumatic or anything to have done.

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