Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There is a certain kind of pain a mother feels when they're told there is something wrong with their child or that their child is sick. It's a hurt that goes right to the heart and causes worry..extreme worry. It's not the kind of worry you have when your short on money or waiting for a call back for a job, etc. It's a worry and a hurt that goes right to the heart and causes your eyes to well up with tears every time you think. I'm afraid this is how I feel right now. We went to the opthamologist tonight and the swelling on Rylie's optic nerves hasn't gone down at all. The doctor said it looks the same as when she saw it two weeks ago. Maybe it will take a little longer for the medicine to work, or maybe they'll up her dose, or maybe we'll need a new treatment plan. The Opthamologist recommended seeing the Neurologist as soon as next week.

The thing is....Rylie is not in any pain. The problem is that she has Psuedotumor Cerebri and it can cause vision loss. Right now her vision seems to be just fine, but I don't know what effect this could eventually have on her.

All I can do is trust God and work with the doctors to get this resolved. I don't like this feeling. I feel like I'm back seven years ago and getting a Down syndrome diagnosis. I'll have to use that experience from seven years ago to remind myself everything will be fine.

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RK said...

I'm sorry you're having to walk this path right now. I have no great advice except what you already know. God is good ALL the time, and he is holding you and holding Rylie through all of this. I'll be praying for answers, healing, and peace.

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