Thursday, October 2, 2008

She can do it all! 31 for 21

I remember the first summer after Rylie was born, we went down the shore for a family vacation with Vince's family. Karlie and all of our nieces and nephews were running around, swimming in the pool, playing in the arcade and going on tons of amusement rides. Rylie was only about 6 months old and the diagnosis of Down syndrome was still so new, and it stung every time I looked at the kids having fun. Yes, even watching my own daughter, Karlie running around having fun, hurt me, only because I assumed I would never get to see Rylie doing all the fun things that kids do. I remember being on that vacation, and constantly holding back tears. I remember the family asking me, what's wrong, and I would say, "nothing". I remember the pain I felt in my heart. Only 6 months into a Ds diagnosis for my baby, I'll always remember that vacation, and how I really knew nothing about what Rylie having Ds meant.

By the next summer vacation, Rylie was around eighteen months old. She was swimming in the pool, and already started riding the amusement rides. She was just starting to walk and she had the funniest personality.(Still Does).

Rylie having Down syndrome has not limited her in anyway.

She loves to swim

She loves amusement rides

She even rock climbs

She plays games in the arcade

She has no problem keeping up with those wonderful nieces and nephews of mine

Although, the feelings I had in the beginning are normal, I do wish I would have known how Rylie would thrive. I have so many more things to look forward to with her.


Michelle said...

I loved this post! showcasing all the things Rylie is doing!

AZ Chapman said...

she can do it I love the pics

how did the IEP go btw

Kacey Bode said...

I agree. I was the same way! I feel like I missed out on some of her baby time because I was so worried about all she might not do, ahhh if only we could have known then what we know now!

rylie's mom said...

AZ- The new IEP is this coming Monday morning. I think it's gonna go well!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow Rylie, You are awesome!!

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