Friday, October 3, 2008

Let me be honest. 31 for 21

In yesterday's post I wrote that Down syndrome has not limited Rylie in anyway. That statement wasn't completely honest. Let's be real, of course Down syndrome has put some limits on Rylie. BUT, not in the way I originally thought it would when I first recieved Rylie's diagnosis. I just didn't see her being able to do the fun things kids do, but she does. She really does!

Down syndrome for Rylie has limited her with her speech. Although she does well with her speech, It is sometimes hard to reason with her. It's not always clear how much she understands. And although, I understand her when she speaks, I find people are often asking me, "what did she say?" Also, her pre reading skills and her numbers are not coming easy for her, as they did with Karlie. It is a constant struggle, getting her to remember her letters and count to 14, BUT she does it!

Those early days, when she was just a baby, I had so many fears. I was afraid for her future. BUT now, not so much. She will graduate high school, she will go to college, she will get married. She will! If she wants to, anyway.

I will do my best to never place limits on her, even if that extra chromosome tries to.


Anonymous said...

We love Rylie no matter what. We see her as no different from anyone else. She always holds a special place in our hearts!! She is the funniest cousin and keeps everyone in our family smiling!!!

rylie's mom said...

Thanks Katie & Maggie! Love you!

AZ Chapman said...

great post I love th joke at the end

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