Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rylie doesn't like the letter A

A few post down I wrote about how I am trying to have Rylie learn her A B C's. I am mostly focusing on letter recognition. I mentioned that we had started with the letter A. So, I had been pointing to the A on her wall, showing her the A magnet on the fridge and going over the letter A on the Starfall website, but she just wasn't getting it. A few times she would say A, but mostly, I would say, Rylie tell me what letter this is, and she would say, P , R or W. Then she decided to take the A sign off of the bedroom wall and tear it up in a million pieces. I started to get frustrated, thinking why isn't she getting this. It's so simple. She is very teachable, especially with repetition.

So today we sat down and went onto the Starfall website. As soon as the A popped up she got really mad, and said NO, and covered her face with her hands. I said, fine then, lets try another letter. I pulled up the R, B, C and D and she learned them right away. I pulled up the A again and she told me P, R and NO!!!!!! So, back to the R, B, C and D we went, and she did great!!!! We even learned the signs for each letter. She really liked signing the letters too, as long as it wasn't the A.

I have no idea what she has against the letter A, but for now we will skip it and work on the rest of the alphabet.


Michelle said...

that is so funny that she doesn't seem to like the letter A! I wonder what set her off? LOL

Kayla loves the starfall site!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I love it! And they say our kids can't learn. She learned pretty fast how to get rid of that A. Maybe it's hard to say or something.

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