Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have a goal for Rylie. It is for her to recognize each letter of the alphabet by the time she goes to kindergarten in the fall. She can sing the alphabet song, but technically, she doesn't know her ABC's. I have decided to write the letters really big on construction paper and tape them to the wall in her room. We will do two letters per week. Yesterday we started with A (of course). We just kept going over it all day. Every time we go in her room, I ask her,"what letter is this"? Half of the time she would say A, and the other half of the time she would say, P or R. When she got it right, we would start dancing, and I made up a little song about the letter A.

If anybody else has any good advice about teaching a child w/ Ds letter recognition, I would love to hear it!


Anonymous said...

Val, I have alphabet tactile flash cards you could use with Rylie. She could run her fingers over the letter formation to help with letter recognition. Also, the dollar store has magnetic letters for your frig, put the letter of the week up for her to look at everyday, then add to it. Hope this helps you! If you need anything else or other ideas let me know. Kim

Kim said...

Hi Val, I'm sorry I forgot to e-mail you. I did receive the card last week. Thank you!

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