Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was so happy we were able to scratch a doctor off our list this year. Rylie had been seeing a GI doctor since birth due to her anal stenosis. I previously wrote about it here. This problem was fixed at birth and hasn't been an issue since. The GI doctor just wanted to follow up with her each year. But I soon realized this appointment was kind of a waste of time. He would come into the office ask me a couple questions and leave, saying- see you in a year. After talking with her regular pediatrician, we decided it was not necessary to see the GI doctor anymore unless any problems ever came up.

I started noticing lately that at times Rylie makes a noise as if she is clearing her throat and then spits up. It can be during any time of day, sometimes even hours after she has eaten. I called her pediatrician and described everything to her. She said it sounds like reflux and prescribed her Zantac. She said wait and see if the medicine works and if not we will have to see the GI doctor. I thought it was strange that she is five years old and developing reflux. I honestly thought that was something babies got and then outgrew. Rylie didn't even have reflux issues as a baby.

After talking with some other moms from the Downsyn forum(in my opinion that is where the real experts are) it sounds like reflux is pretty common with our kiddos who have Ds, and after listening to some of their advice, I think I just want to take her back to the GI doctor and have her thoroughly checked out. I have started giving her the Zantac in the mean time. It's only been one day so I'm not sure if it's working yet. Actually, Rylie is great at taking medicine, but apparently this stuff is really yucky. She has been spitting it out. I started putting it in her juice , so I'm not even sure if she's getting it all.

Rylie is a healthy girl. I am grateful. I just remember this GI doctor saying I was gonna be seeing him for a long time and I thought we were going to prove him wrong.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh sorry to hear about the reflux!! I agree though, the Downsyn moms and dads are the wisest around!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I'm sorry to hear about Rylie having to deal with this, but I'm glad you shared it. Peanut will sometimes spit up. It doesn't happen very often and I never gave it much thought, but I'm going to keep this in mind if it seems to get more common. That's very interesting. These kids certainly keep us on our toes!

Michelle said...

We give Karly zantac, and we crush 1/2 a pill & mix it in yogurt - so if the liquid stuff is yucky, that's something else to think about.

Hope the reflux is sorted out soon!

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