Monday, February 18, 2008

Still waiting

I'm still not getting any real behavioral help for Rylie. Remember this post. We finally got a TSS worker for Rylie. She went to one doctors appointment with us. Rylie was acting up and the TSS worker just kind of played with her and tried to reason with her about behaving nicely while we waited for our turn to see the doctor. I'm still not clear what the TSS worker's role is. She told me she could go anywhere I wanted her to go with our family ie, doctor appointments, the grocery store, birthday parties etc. and help with the behavioral strategies that are written in the treatment plan. I have yet to get any real help or advice or a treatment plan. How can the TSS worker work off a treatment plan if after 6 or 7 months we still don't have one? The behavior specialist has only been going out to Rylie's school every other week to observe her. She is well behaved in school now, because they have their own behavioral program in place for Rylie, and it is working well. I'm glad she is doing so great at school but, can I please get some help at home already?

And, here is a picture of my little monster angel for your viewing pleasure!


Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

Don't have much knowledge\experience to share on this one. John is only one and so far a good boy. His worst behavior to date is making raspberries while eating. I am sorry that Rylie has been giving you a run for your money and the "system" is not giving you the help you need. I applaud you for all you are doing to advocate for your daughter.

You say that Rylie is good in school. Who developed her behavior plan for school? Is any of it applicable to the home environment?

rylie's mom said...

Chris- They have a behavioral support team at school. Her biggest challenge at school was following routine and not wandering away from circle time. They are using a visual chart with her, to show her routine throughout the day. Which yes, I am definitely thinking about making one for home. The behaviorist from the school and I have been in a lot of contact, and she is trying to help me. The biggest problem I have with Rylie at home is her throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way which is not acceptable to me at 5 years old. She is always running around here non stop getting into everything, won't sit still and won't wait for things. We don't have a routine at home like they do at school so sometimes it is hard for me to be consistant w/ Rylie. I just feel like Rylie has been stuck in the terrible two stage for 3 years.

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