Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I can't believe it. We are finally getting together with the behavior specialist and the TSS worker to go over Rylie's treatment plan on Thursday. Well, the behavioral specialist called me today and said that we need to set up a psychological evaluation for Rylie in order to continue services. What services are we continueing??????? I have yet to get any help!!! Rylie already had a psychological evaluation in November. And it was already established that she qualifies for services. I told the behavior specialist, that I am sick and tired of this. I have been waiting forever and have yet to get any help and now this nonsense. I told her no way is she being evaluated again and that I want help now! I would be fine with it if they wanted to go over her progress now and then, but why have another evaluation if her services haven't even started yet. I am so tired of this. She tried to say that I was refusing services for Rylie by not letting her get evaluated again, and I told her that I am begging, praying and pleading for services, but I am just refusing the evaluation again because she has already been evaluated a million times. I have put phone calls in to the higher ups. I have had it! How many times do I have to discuss Rylie's behaviors. I think I am going to have to deal with this like I have been all this time and just wait for Rylie to mature. I feel like she has been stuck in the terrible two stage for years and it just wears on you after awhile, I just thought I could get a little help since Rylie is entitled to it, but apparently it is just to much aggravation. Funny thing is I googled-WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG FOR WRAP AROUND SERVICES TO BEGIN and MY BLOG came up! LOL! Am I the only one? Am I missing something?

I am still going to meet with them on Thursday to go over the treatment plan, but I just can't stand the thought of any more evaluations. I am not letting them evaluate her again until I get some help and progress is made, but they are just going to tell me she needs to be evaluated in order to continue the invisable , non exsistant services she is already getting. Am I making sense? I am so mad right now.


RK said...

Val, that makes no sense. What do they say when you ask what services she's been receiving that need to be "continued"? This doesn't sound right to me at all. I can TOTALLY understand why you would be frustrated!

The Mom said...

Ohhhhh - I would be so mad too :( Are you doing services through the school or a private provider? I hope things work out and that Rylie can get the services she needs soon! Behaviors can be soooo frustrating - when you figure it out - let me know - we some here I'd love to get rid of!!!

rylie's mom said...

rk-The behavior specialist thinks that because she has come to my house to discuss behaviors and has observed Rylie at school that these are services. She is assuming that this is some kind of help to me. I'm assuming once there is a treatment plan in place I might finally get some help, but by the time they get the treatment plan in place they are saying it's time to evaluate again.

mum2brady-Her IU(3-5)referred her to wrap around services(state funded) paid by Med Asst. If I was paying out of my pocket or private insurance I would have fired them long ago! lol! Rylie has a seperate behavior specialist at school.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

That is so frustrating! Do you have a local Ds guild or group that can help you out? Maybe they know something we don't.

rylie's mom said...

Deb- yes their is advocacy help for parents where I am.I am going to have to look into it. I have been on the phone all day complaining to supervisors and directors. They all agreed w/ me that it has taken too long. I am now waiting to see if they are going to get this ball rolling, but as for the evaluation part, there doesn't seem to be any way around it, so I don't know what I am going to do.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

UGH how frustrating! I wouldn't want to have to go through another eval either! Good luck and keep us posted!

Chris said...

Have you tried putting your frustrations in writing? Maybe send a letter to the higher ups, along with a copy of Rylie's last assessment, telling them nothing has changed for the better.

I don't know--don't have much experience with this yet, but it sounds like you are getting a big run around, and have every right to be furious and frustrated.

It might it be harder for them to run from something that is in writing, maybe a certified letter.

If you do agree to having her reevaluated, could you have it be on the condition that a behavior plan will be in place and services provided within a certain time frame.

It is horrible that you and Rylie need to wait for her to get the guidance you need.

Keep fighting!

Anonymous said...
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