Friday, February 22, 2008

ALL children are a gift from God-Down syndrome Belongs!

I know most of the people in the Down syndrome community have seen this already, but lets hope the doctors, genetic counslers and expectant parents do.

I am 100% Pro-life! If I had known Rylie had Down syndrome before she was born, I would NEVER of had an abortion. I wouldn't even have thought about it for a second.
Even if you are pro choice, why should Down syndrome be something you get to choose or not. Babies with Down syndrome have every right to be born. You shouldn't be able to choose to terminate a pregnancy just because the unborn baby isn't what you were expecting. Once you have the baby you will realize just how perfect he or she is. You will see that your baby is a gift from God, not a mistake! If you don't think you could handle a baby with Down syndrome, or any type of special needs, always remember there is adoption. Also, talk to parents of children with Down syndrome and they will all tell you they couldn't imagine life without their little angels. They will tell you how blessed they are!!! Down syndrome belongs!


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I don't know if I have seen that one before. Thank you for sharing it. Some friends of ours were on the local news recently and if I get their permission I may post it on Tuesday. I know people that have lost their babies due to complications. They were devastated. One couple wanted to adopt a child with Down syndrome. I think the video says it all.

RK said...

That's right, Val. We have to just keep talking...letting people know how it REALLY is, not what the "experts" say. Good post!!

Greg C said...

Very well put. I have to say that most people like myself are ignorant about Down Syndrome. It was only after I began reading these blogs that I started to learn more about it. All I heard in the past was from the "experts" Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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