Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News/ Bad News- Behavior Therapy Update

Good News- Last week I met with the behavior specialist and TSS worker to go over Rylie's treatment plan. After the meeting I feel confident that we are finally getting started. I feel confident that the plan will be helpful. We are going to start using a lot of visual charts and a choice board for her. I will share the charts on this blog once they are finished. I will also share whatever works in regards to her treatment plan. The TSS worker accompanied me to Rylie and Karlie's dentist appointment on Saturday morning. Rylie was seen first and she did really well. When it was Karlie's turn the TSS worker took Rylie back out to the waiting room while I stayed with Karlie. I had a few questions about Karlie's teeth and I was able to talk with the dentist in peace, without having to chase Rylie all over the place. This was great, this is how a TSS worker helps the parent. A TSS worker can also accompany your child out in the community ei, movies, workshops, sports, playgrounds, etc. As long as the TSS worker is out in the community (where she can be seen by other people). The parent(myself) doesn't even need to be present. Of course, I will have to get to know the TSS worker much, much better before I leave her alone (even in the community) with Rylie. I don't need to be present as along as there are other adults around. I can't leave her alone in my house with Rylie or anything like that. I think having a TSS worker will help reduce my stress. So, I feel like we've got the ball rolling-finally!

Bad News: I really have no choice but to get her evaluated by a psychologist again.
I called everybody I needed to and complained. The director and supervisor I talked to were very nice and felt bad for me. I think they were sincere, and they agreed with me that this whole process is wrong, and a lot of aggravation. What it comes down to is - since the services are state funded, it is the state who requires the evaluation again, and there is really no way around it. However the supervisor talked with the psychologist already and explain to her my situation. They said the evaluation will be as quick and painless as possible, and from now on an evaluation will only have to be done once a year. I guess I can live with that. I will also say that I think some people are getting in trouble for everything taking so long. They are also required by the state to have certain things done in a certain amount of time and they weren't.

Now, like I said , I feel confident that after my meeting on Thursday, help is finally here, but if I am not satisfied with services by the time of the evaluation(next Month), I will not have her evaluated.

Also some more good news. Rylie has a behavior specialist at school. She is wonderful and so sweet. She knows how much trouble I have been having with the "system" and she actually had a meeting with Rylie's therapists and teacher to discuss ways they could help me incorporate what they are doing at school in the home. So she gave me a lot of great ideas.


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I am so glad you are getting some good news for a change. I hope the TSS worker continues to work out. It certainly sounds promising.

RK said...

I am glad things seem to be coming together better. Hopefully the help at school with the specialist will prove to be another positive step toward some peace of mind for you.

Anonymous said...
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