Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night we went to see Santa at the mall. On the way there we got a flat tire so we had to go back home and get in the other car. Every single time my girls go somewhere to get a picture it rains. This time it rains and we get a flat. We had to move the car seats and everything.

Rylie's hair looks good in this picture, don't it. Don't forget she cuts hair now.Seriously, I just pull her sides up now and it looks cute. She did a good job.Santa didn't even notice.

Rylie was really in to Santa this year. She was having so much fun waiting in line watching the other kids get their pictures taken.she kept shouting Hi THANTA, Hi THanta! When it was her turn she ran up and gave him a big hug.

We tried to tell Karlie, that this Santa was the real deal,no impostor, no santa's helper, but this guy gave himself away when he told Rylie that she was a very good girl this year.

Cesalie didn't cry at all. All the other babies were crying. Which was good because it made the line move fast. lol

This is a picture of a picture so it's not that great. Merry Christmas!


RK said...

Looks like a good picture in that picture. :o) I think Rylie's hair is very cute pulled up!

Stephanie said...

What a GREAT picture with Santa!

Here is our DS group info:
I am going to email our co-chair with your email address and she will contact you for information and add you to our group emails.
I am so happy you are so close. I had Megan at Holy Redeemer! :)

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