Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cesalie Update

I took
Cesalie this past week to the ENT to see what he thought about her Tongue Tie. He sad it was so mild. He does not recommend doing anything to fix it. He thinks as she gets older it will stretch itself.He said he doesn't think it will ever cause any problems and just to leave it alone. This is also what the pediatrician told me. I will trust the two professional opinions and leave it at that.

Cesalie is almost six months now. Where does the time go? I am excited about her first Christmas. She will be meeting Santa tomorrow for the first time. I wonder what she will think of him.

She has officially said her first word-DA,DA,DA! Also on Friday night Great Grandmom Helen taught her how to clap her hands.

She loves to roll all over the house and can sit up for a few seconds without support.Also she likes CONSTANT attention. Honestly, no sooner did I type that last sentence and she started to cry for me, Gotta Go!

1 comment:

RK said...

She's such a cutie! And glad to hear that there's no problem with the tongue tie.

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