Friday, December 28, 2007

A conversation with Karlie about God and Down syndrome

If you have a child with Down syndrome then I'm pretty sure that at one time or another someone tried to encourage you with these words- Special parents get special children or special children get special parents. I remember after Rylie was born hearing this quite a bit. Vince and me were getting tired of it and we certainly weren't believing it. We actually turned it into an inside joke between us.

Last night I was having some deep conversation with Karlie. I asked her what she would do if someday she had a baby and the baby had Down syndrome. She said, Oh, I wouldn't care. I would want any baby that God gave me. Down syndrome is OK with me. (I wish I would have felt that way when Rylie was born). Next I started telling Karlie about when Rylie was born. I told her how I was so sad and how I kept praying to God that Rylie wouldn't have Down syndrome. Then I told her that now I know God didn't answer that prayer because he wanted her to have Down syndrome. He made her with Down syndrome because it is part of his plan. I might never know why this side of heaven,but I will trust God. Then Karlie said,"Mom, God trusted you". When he was deciding who would be Rylie's mom, he thought of you and trusted that you would be the best mom to take care of Rylie. In other words, she was trying to say special parents get special children. Now I believe it because Karlie says so!


Melanie said...

You have an amazing daughter. I pray every day that Devin has that kind of understanding in the future.

RK said...

That's one wise young lady you have there!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

What a great conversation! My husband and I kind of joke about that saying too... we hear it A LOT. The other one is "ohhh 'those kids' are sooooo happy!" We always say that to each other when Kennedy is being stubborn or mean! LOL Ahhhh Anyway, I'm new to your blog, I just wanted to say hello! Rylie is so cute!!!
Renee & Kennedy

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