Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Girl Scouts and Daisies

Rylie joined Daisies. Today was her very first meeting. The meetings are after school right across from her classroom. I met her there and she was already sitting in the circle with her friends eating a snack. Two little girls from her class are in Daisies with her. These little girls looooove Rylie and make such a fuss over her. They love to help her and everyone wants to sit next to her. I was just there observing. The troop leader thought Rylie would be fine next time without me having to be there. So it's all good!

Karlie also had her first Girl Scout meeting today. She loves it and is so excited about all the activities they have lined up this year.

I'm just not thrilled about all the cookies we're going to have to sell. I'm not big into fundraisers. I guess I have to get into it though, because there seems to be a lot of them in Girl Scouts and Daisies.

I'm very impressed with the whole Girl Scout organization so far!

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