Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Updates and a Prayer Request

Rylie had her 4th ear tube surgery today. It went very well. We were there by 7:00 am and out by 8:00 am. Wow, that's quicker then a doctors appointment! She just bounced right up and has been running around playing all day.

On Thursday we see the Neuro-ophthalmologist again. Before that appointment she will be getting an ultrasound on her eyes. She's doing really good and not showing any symptoms of the Pseudotumor, but hopefully we'll know more on Thursday.

Two weeks ago she already had an appointment scheduled with the original ophthalmologist, so I took Rylie just because I was anxious to see if the medicine worked. There was still swelling on the optic nerves, but her vision seemed fine. If on Thursday there is still swelling, they're going to have to try a new medicine or something else. Thank God she is doing so well, or I would be going out of my mind waiting for medicine to work.

Now, I have a prayer request. My dad had a pacemaker put in about three weeks ago. The recovery has been anything but smooth. There is so much going on with him. I wouldn't even know where to begin right now trying to explain it all. Some days are better then others and today was a better one. Please pray for him! He needs healing from his head to his toes. Thank you.

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