Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Not going to Feel Guilty Anymore.

I always felt guilty when I think about Rylie's birth story. I wish I would have known the joy she would bring. I wish the days after her birth weren't fill with grief and I wish I would have accepted that she had Down syndrome instantly, but I didn't. I cried....for a long time and I prayed that the doctors were wrong. But when I read this beautiful birth story and the hundreds of comments that were left, I realized how many mothers out there felt just like me when finding out their baby had Down syndrome. It is not wrong that I grieved the loss of the baby I was expecting. What matters is that I did accept her along with my family and friends. What matters is we love her. What matters is she brings joy to everyone who meets her. What matters is now I realize how blessed I am that Rylie is my daughter who has Down syndrome.


Sharon said...

Absolutely, I totally agree.
I've been enjoying reading your blog about Rylie for a few weeks now.
I have a (nearly) 5 year old daughter with DS and she has changed our lives (and many others around her) for the better.

Tara said...

No guilt! Everyone's story is uniquely our own. I think experience, knowledge, and faith play a huge part in how people react. I just want to go back and hug the woman I was when I got Eon's diagnosis. Poor thing! If I only knew what a JOY he would be! But I didn't and neither did you with Rylie.

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