Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Guy, Palin, the R word etc...............

I am offended when someone assumes my daughter can't succeed in life. I am offended when I hear someone aborted their baby because of Down syndrome. I am offended when someone thinks my daughter would be better off in Special Ed instead of a regular classroom. I am offended when someone states that it is immoral to give birth knowingly to a baby with Down syndrome. These are the things that offend me.

If someone went up to Rylie and called her a retard. I would be offended. I would probably knock that person out. LOL! And yes, I cringe when I hear the word. But, It's not a battle I choose to fight every time I hear it used on television or in the movies. I'm not going to fight to ban the word retard the way I'll fight for inclusion and educating people not to have an abortion. If given a chance I might educate someone who is truly ignorant about the word. But it's just not a passion of mine to end the word.

I'm really surprised how many people where so offended by the Family Guy episode. A girl with Down syndrome on the show said her mother was the former Governor of Alaska. That was funny and that mother of hers raised her to be an intelligent and feisty woman. I actually like Sarah Palin. She's not the official spokesperson for Down syndrome. Yes, she is one of the most well known parents of a child with Down syndrome, but she is also so new to this... still. When Rylie was first born I didn't know anything about Down syndrome. I had know clue how to advocate. Do you know how many doctors, therapist and people in general said things that hurt me back then? I didn't have any witty sarcastic remarks to throw back at them. If you don't agree with Sarah Palin's political views, that's fine, but people should not get so caught up on her every word when it comes to Down syndrome. I thought the whole Emanuel/ Limbaugh thing was odd. Yeah, she blew it, but I have to give her some lead way. When Rylie was first born I was very conflicted and I'm sure I contradicted myself more then once.


Mary said...

I love your post!!! I totally agree that while I might educate someone its not a battle I am going to enter. My Riley is just 3 and I'm just starting to learn about the school system and yes that is one battle I will fight! Thank you for sharing today!

Anonymous said...

I have to say your right on. This is what were fighting for. For are kids to be accepted in school just like the other kids. I don'tthink the show was that good,but any light shown on DS is a good thing. I love reading you post. Keep up the good work..

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