Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rylie can read, write and add!

Today Rylie brought a little book home from school. Her aide attached a note to it saying that Rylie can read all the pages. So I handed the book to her and right away she started reading it. It had sentences such as WE SEE THE TRUCK GO.
I was impressed, but thought maybe she just memorized the book(which I know is still good)So I pulled out her homework paper and asked her to read the words on it. And she read them all, words like CAN, THE, WE, MY, IT, etc.

Yesterday her homework had 6+1= on it. When I asked her what six plus one equaled she told me SEVEN right away.

Last week she was doing her homework where she had to practice writing upper case and lower case I's. On the top of the homework page there was a picture of a pig. I walked away from the table for a minute and when I came back she had written the word PIG.

She is doing so good in kindergarten this year. She has made so much progress since last year. I'm glad we made the decision of sending her to kindergarten for a second year. Now I feel like she will be ready for first grade.


My name is Sarah said...

What a good report:)

AZ Chapman said...

glad to hear she is learning to read it is so exicteing

RK said...

Yay Rylie!!! That is great! Would love to see some video of her showing off her new skills. :o)

Michelle said...

what a great update on how Rylie is doing in school!

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