Sunday, May 3, 2009

A lot of Catching Up

I've been crazy busy! My kids sure keep me on my toes. I haven't been blogging lately, because I can't think straight. Every time I sit down to blog, I hear crying or whining! I keep trying to remind myself that there is no selfishness in motherhood, but the kids are really pulling me in a million different directions. But, as the song goes..It Wont Be Like This For Long...and I need to cherish my children, after all these are the good old days, the days I will look back on and miss one day. The days I don't have to worry about what my teenager is up to, or how I'm going to come up with college tuition, or drivers licenses ,boyfriends etc.

Anyway...We had Rylie's IEP this week. EASY PEASY...It went so well! She will be doing kindergarten again next year. I'm very happy with the decision.

Cesalie will be two years old next month! She still has a lot of stranger anxiety. Actually it's not just strangers, it's anyone. She does good when she's around kids, but as for adults, she only wants to be around Vince or me. She still doesn't sleep great. She takes naps, but it takes forever for her to settle down at night and she still gets up in the middle of the night. She's tough!

Karlie is doing well. She did well in school this year, and she's glad the year is almost over. She is happiest when she is just playing with her friends. Besides cheerleading and violin, which she does during school hours, she hasn't done any sports or anything. I'm glad I don't have to drive her to practices or go to games and stuff. I just don't know how I would have the time. I don't know how some parents do it.

So, I just wanted to catch up a little. Hopefully I'll start blogging more soon and visiting more blogs. I'm on Facebook, if anyone wants to be friends. Look me up-Valerie Szarek-Volz.


AZ Chapman said...

hi this might sound raydome but I was wondering if you live near DC I am going to be there this summer with my family and wondered if we could meet up?

datri said...

Glad to hear the IEP went well!

Michelle said...

It's not official yet, but I'm seriously considering having Kayla repeat K too. I think she would benefit greatly from another yet of being in K. I've heard that the principal isn't a big fan of repeating though so I might have to really push for it. Glad to hear your IEP went well.

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