Monday, October 20, 2008

Q & A 31 for 21

Did she have any medical issues?

At birth they thought she had Hirchsprungs Disease. This is the reason she was transported by ambulance to the Childrens Hospital. After a biopsy, it turned out she didn't have hirchsprungs , she had anal stenosis. The anal stenosis was fixed without surgery.

She was seen by a cardiologist the first six months of her life. She had an opening that closed on it's own. Thank God, she never had any heart issues.

She was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasmia at a few days old. This is where a vein that connects from her brain to her eye stopped growing in utero. Long story, for another post, but this has never effected Rylie's vision.

She was also born with syndactyly(webbed toes) on both feet.

She also had jaundice and sleep apnea when she was a newborn.

Currently Rylie has ear tubes. And she takes Prevacid for reflux.


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