Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking for suggestions.

I'm thinking about all of the people in Rylie's life that I need to get Christmas gifts for. She has her teacher, special ed teacher, Physical therapist, Occupational therapist, speech therapist, one on one aide, aide in special ed, bus driver and the aide on the bus. Every single one of these people are a very important part of her day. They each deserve a special gift, but special gifts can really add up! So I'm looking for suggestions. What do you usually buy for your child's teachers, aides and therapists?


datri said...

Last year I bought everyone note cards from Passion Works Studios, an arts workshop for the developmentally disabled. But they were $10 and I'm trying to find something just as special but not as expensive this year. They have tile magnets for $6, so I might do that this year.

RK said...

Because I know that Braska's team gets lots of little things that thy appreciate but don't really need (per their own passing comments), I donated to Reece's Rainbow in each of their names and just gave them cards to say thanks and let them know a donation had been made. The response was amazing. We'll be doing that again this year.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Hmm, good question. For her teachers, I like the everyone in class donate for a big gift idea. You can get a nice gift card that way and teachers can always use a gift card. I'm really not very good at remembering to get gifts. I think a $5 gift card to Panera Bread or something would be nice. In situations like this, it's the thought that counts. Sure, it might not get them a full meal, but it will help and everyone likes to eat, right?

I like RK's idea, too.

Tara said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog!

I wanted to come take a peak over at your blog and started reading this post. First off, you're daughters are absolutely beautiful! so cute!

Second, I have a suggestion and you can see if you're interested. I help people write and publish personal stories and with photos in real bound books through Cherish Bound. My SIL has a special needs daughter and did a book last year for all the special people in her life. It was a "thank you" book (5x7 -24 pages). It showed the speech therapist w/ my niece and a page on how she's helped her and what she's grateful for, and everyone else got a page too... all her doctors, teachers and even the bus driver were included in the thank you book. it had pictures of my niece and pictures she had drawn. Some pictures my SIL had were with her and her docs and teachers, etc. If you're interested in doing something like this i would love to help you and I would help you get a discount in any way that I could. So let me know and I'll help you out. Thanks again for dropping by my blog!!

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