Monday, October 6, 2008

IEP Take Three!

WE had Rylie's new(revisited) IEP meeting this morning. It went great and only lasted about fifteen minutes. Her regular teacher and special ed teacher are awesome!!! Both agreed and stated that Rylie needs to be in the regular classroom all the time! The regular ed teacher said she's doing great, and said she is so amazed how independent Rylie is. So, now she will be fully included EXCEPT for two 30 minute
sessions in the resource room per week. I'm thrilled! This was our third IEP meeting for Rylie since April. The first two meetings were with people who had never met Rylie. And, I wasn't pushing for full inclusion because I just didn't know at the time what would be best for Rylie. After her actually being in kindergarten and meeting the people who work with her everyday, we were able to really do what is best for Rylie. Maybe , that's how it should be. Send your child to school, see how they do, and then do an official IEP.


Chris said...

That is so awesome!

And so encouraging to hear that the school WANTS her so be included. We hear so many stories of parents needing to really fight for inclusion.

AZ Chapman said...

great advice I am glad incluson will work for y guys

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

What great news! I'm glad she'll be in a regular classroom. That should be really good for her and I'm glad you're happy with the outcome.

Michelle said...

it sounds like she has a great team working for her! that's wonderful!

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