Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Getting Nervous

Today was the first day back to school for Karlie. RYLIE STARTS TOMORROW!!! They will be going to the same school now. I met Rylie's regular ed teacher last week, and I really like her! Rylie will have a shared aide w/ her friend Alice, and will be pulled out for reading and math. After meeting Rylie's teacher last week, I now regret(sorta) having Rylie pulled out. I think we should have gone for full inclusion. I'm gonna give it a month and then see. We just might have to do another IEP. I'm really seeing all of this as a learning experience and I have a lot to learn.

Anyway, right now my heart is breaking. We decided it would be better if Rylie took the special ed bus this year. She still has trouble w/ impulse control and going on the regular bus with a ton of other kids might not work out. Plus, I'm afraid that it would make Karlie feel responsible for her, and I didn't want to put that type of pressure on her.

The transportation dept thought they were doing me a great favor and they arranged that Rylie's bus would come to the same bus stop at the same time as the regular bus. This morning when we walked Karlie down to the bus stop, there were a lot of kindergartners there whose first day was today. Rylie was very social at the bus stop! I again started second guessing myself, and thought maybe Rylie would do fine on the reg. bus. By putting her on the spec ed bus, it's like saying,... hay everyone..look at me, I'm different then you! Have fun on your bus , while I go and get on my special bus. I actually came home and cried. Oh well, I'll let you all know how she makes out tomorrow.


datri said...

It's so easy to second guess yourself when it comes to school and IEPs. It's so full of "what if I had..." I hope everything works out. And like you said, you can always call another IEP meeting to tweak things.

My daughter Kayla has 1 year left of PreK. I'm already stressing about her Kindy placement!

AZ Chapman said...

mabe it is not too late. Why didn't r start with the rest of her k mates?

rylie's mom said...

AZ- Half of the kindergarteners started today and half start tomorrow, then they all go together on Friday.

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