Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Stuff

Yesterday I went to Rylie's school for the end of year picnic. I spent some time in her classroom "observing" her. It was so cute to watch her sing along with everyone at circle time. Her teachers tell me that usually she pretends that she's the teacher and runs the circle time, and all the kids listen to her. I would have loved to see that , but yesterday she just participated. LOL! Rylie is done preschool for two weeks and then goes back until the end of August. They are having a graduation day on June 25Th! That should be fun! I can't believe she is graduating pre school. Seems like just yesterday she left on the bus for the first time! In September she will start kindergarten at her new school. She loves the school that she goes to now so much. She loves her friends, teachers, therapist and bus drivers. I hope next year with everything and everyone being new, she will adjust OK. I honestly think all of the changes will be harder for me then for her.

Today was Karlie's last day of school. She has been home about three hours and is already bored. Oh boy, it's gonna be a long summer! She did awesome on her report card, as always. She is so happy that she got the teacher she wanted for next year.

We will be pretty busy now that schools out and Cesalie's big First birthday is next Saturday! So, I will be back next week to blog about the big day and maybe even tell you about Cesalie's birth story. It's pretty funny, but not as eventful as Rylie's birth.

Happy Summer!!!

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