Saturday, April 12, 2008

Social Butterfly

When you go shopping at the mall, do you smile and say hello to everyone you see?-I do!
When your in line at the grocery store do you say Hi, How are you? to the person in line next to you?-I do!
And when your eating at a restaurant do you turn around to the people sitting behind you and say Hello, and also to every single person who walks by you?-I do!

I do, because Rylie does. If she makes eye contact with you, she is going to tell you hello, and ask you how your doing. Could you imagine if we were all like this, smiling and saying hello to each other everywhere we went? I know I can spend a whole day out by myself getting errands done, and I don't even look at anyone, let alone smile and say hi, but when I'm out with Rylie, I have to say hello and make small talk with everyone, and this is not my personality. Rylie challenges me to be more social, She challenges me to smile more at people. It's a good thing.

Rylie used to run up to people she didn't know and give them hugs and kisses, but she has stopped. It really isn't appropriate, especially since she's getting older!

With all this being said, this doesn't mean that she is your stereotypical sweet, loving Down syndrome girl. She will also throw a tantrum at the mall. grocery store and restaurant. She constantly yells NO! and she is very grouchy at times.

I just love how sociable and friendly she is. I hope when she goes to kindergarten next year, other kids will accept her. I hope she makes friends. I can't see how anybody who meets Rylie wouldn't want to get to know her more. She is also very funny and full of energy.


RK said...

Amen. We need more Rylie's in the world!!!

Michelle said...

No doubt - Rylie's way is the way we should all be!

Michelle said...

great post! Kayla is social like that too...and the hugging of strangers (she doesn't do it a lot, but she has on occassion)! sometimes I worry about that (how easy it would be for her to just go off with someone!) so I'm glad to hear Rylie has at least outgrown that - hopefully Kayla will too :)

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

You could replace Rylie's name with Peanut's and it would all still be true, execpt Peanut still tries to go to complete strangers for hugs. We are so blessed to have these little angels in our lives! And Peanut has her grumpy days too, like today!

WheresMyAngels said...

My daughter Mercede is almost 18 and it takes forever when ever we go shopping because she talks to everyone. She also KNOWS EVERYONE, cause she is so social!

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