Monday, April 7, 2008

Random Stuff

Rylie isn't crazy about keeping her glasses on, but the good thing is that when she takes them off, she hands them to me gently. She isn't ripping them off her face and tossing them across the room as I expected. I feel bad though, because I know she can see so much better with them on(obviously, that's why she has them).

She will keep them on if she is looking at a book or enjoying something on T.V. This is really going to take a lot of patience and perseverance on my part, which by the way I have plenty of right now even though Cesalie keeps me up all night. She is just not a sleepy baby. She can sometimes go a whole day without a nap. I never heard of a 9 month old not needing a nap. She has a little bit of a cough, so if she coughs during the night,she wakes up and stays up. We are still playing musical beds with her too.

I know the best thing would be to put Rylie in a room with Karlie, so Cesalie stops waking her up, but Karlie has so much stuff in her room that Rylie could get into, and that would not be good. So when Cesalie wakes up in the middle of the night , we quickly take her back to our room, so she doesn't wake up Rylie. Good grief!


The Mom said...

she looks so darling in her specs - good luck with getting her to wear them more - I can only imagine what a struggle it would be to get Brady to wear glasses!!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Love the new glasses! It certainly does take perserverence! We have good days and bad days here with them.

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