Monday, February 11, 2008

ENT Follow Up

Don't you just hate it when you leave a doctors office more confused and uncertain then when you got there?

Rylie had her follow-up with the ENT today. We only had to wait two hours to see the doctor, and then only a half an hour to get the hearing test. When we walked into the office it looked like Parents Visiting Day At Daycare. I can't even tell you how many people must have had a 4:00 appointment like myself. The thermostat in the office read 79 degrees. I can't even begin to tell you how HOT it was. I thought I was going to melt. Two and a half hours in a doctors office chasing after Rylie is enough to make me sweat, but go ahead and have the thermostat set at 79 degrees in room with a zillion people, and Oh boy, I was not happy. It is only 10 degrees outside, but when I left the doctors office , I felt no need for my coat. I can't even tell you how wonderful that 10 degrees felt.

Okay, back to the appointment. Well the ENT said everything looks good with her tubes.
She passed her
behavioral audiometry
test. This is where the child goes into the booth and turns towards sounds. She did great! However, they also did an
< test, and that she failed. This is the test where they put the microphones in the ears, like the test they do on newborns. The ENT said he didn't know why she failed. He said since she passed the first test, that would mean she is hearing fine. He said he is not concerned at all, and for her to come back in 6 months. I think she is hearing great. I'm just confused about this OEA test. She used to always pass the OEA test , but fail the booth test. Now it's the opposite.

I hate when the doctor says, I'm not concerned, we can check it later. Of course your not concerned, It's not your child! I'm kidding, but it is frustrating. I'm not crazy about this doctor, because he talks to fast and always makes me feel stupid when I ask questions. Anyway, I know she is hearing good, I'm just confused.

By the way, blogger is driving me crazy, the spell check doesn't work, I can't link anything, and now my text turned blue. WTH ! I'm too tired to fix this.

Oh wait, click on any of the blue and you can learn all about hearing test. GRRR!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Our doctor's office is always super hot too... what's up with that?! Sorry it was such a long wait! I wouldn't worry too much about the OEA test, someone told me once that because kids with Ds have smaller ear canals those little things don't sit right in their ears and the results are skewed... not sure how true that is but it makes sense!

RK said...

I agree with Renee...that makes sense as to why the OEA might be off. Who knows, but I'm glad she got a good report on the other one!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I've been putting off making an appointment with the ENT. Someone with the school recently told me some test (I'm not sure if it is the OEA) doesn't work if your child has tubes. You'd think an ENT would know better than the school, though.

Melanie said...

I also heard that the OEA can be inaccurate if the child has tubes. Logan got tubes because he had fluid and had failed the OEA, now he has tubes (and no fluid) and still failed. BUT, we were told he may be hearing just fine!! All very confusing...and after all that, we still have no answers. We are scheduled for a sedated ABR in April. We will then hopefully get all of the answers we have wanted since December.

rylie's mom said...
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