Friday, January 25, 2008

Move over Mommy, I've been Tagged!

Hi everyone, this is Rylie. I finally get to do my own post. It's about time since the blog is called RYLIE! Well, mommy is giving me this opportunity only because baby Logan over at the Baetan Family tagged me to do a list of my loves and dislikes.So here goes....

I love Mommy, Daddy, Karlie and Cesalie
I love playing dress-up and make pretend cooking
I love all things Curious George
I love my pre school because I love to learn and see my friends
I love ice cream and bread
I love amusement rides and playgrounds
I love babysitters(anybody want to babysit me?)
I love birthday parties and presents
I love blogging, this is fun!

My dislikes are pretty simple....

I don't like being put in time out
I don't like being told No!
I don't like being told Don't Touch, Get Down, or Stop It!
and I don't like being told to wait for anything.

If you say any of these words to me I will immediately throw a tantrum!!!!!!

Hey this was fun, now I want to tag Peanut over at Three Weddings


Melanie said...

Nice job Riley!!! It was so great to finally hear from you!

The Mom said...

Awwww - she is such a doll! Found your blog through 3 weddings! Your Rylie is gorgeous! My Brady is just a little bit older - want to come and potty train him ;) LOLOL

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