Monday, November 12, 2007


When Rylie was in early intervention (birth-three) we use to do a lot of sign language with her. Once she started pre school her speech really took off. I decided I don't want to do sign language, I just want her to talk. It seemed like she would learn how to say the actual word before she used the sign. Anyway, lately I am not to happy with her speech. I feel she should be saying more words. She is just not picking words up as fast as she used to. She has an appointment for a hearing test in a few weeks. I am a little bit concerned. She had ear tubes put in about two years ago and has always passed her hearing test since.

Well the other day I was at the computer and Rylie came up on to my lap. I showed her my blog. She kept saying eat ,eat ,eat. I said no, Rylie- you just ate! Then she pointed to the picture of herself at the top of the page (the header)-eat-eat-eat. I didn't even realize that in this picture she is doing the "eat" sign. Do you see it? Ha Ha- I think we are going to start signing with her again.

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