Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't call me if you need a haircut-Call Rylie!

Rylie got a beautiful haircut yesterday. I cut it a little bit above her shoulders. Well she must of enjoyed getting her hair cut so much yesterday that today she decided to get it cut again. She was nice enough not to bother me though. She just went ahead and and cut it herself. Oh it looks so nice, but it's a shame it's not 1987 because she gave herself a mullet. Yeah she totally chopped of the sides of her hair. The sides now come to the top of her ears and the back remained in tact from when I cut it.

What happen was she went in the bathroom to go potty, while I was feeding Cesalie. After going potty, instead of wiping and washing she decided to go climbing and cutting. She must of climbed up on the toilet and reached the scissors that were up on the shelf.

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. I would probably just laugh if it wasn't for the fact that her school called yesterday, and asked for permission to have Rylie's picture taken next week for their fundraiser brochure. Unless I figure out how to fix it I guess she lost that modeling job.


RK said...

She's just hinting at her future interests..hairdressing!!

vwies said...

Rylie's mom, your explanation of this event was very humorous! I loved it! Tell Rylie that I will call to schedule a haircut and blowdry soon with her!!

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