Friday, October 26, 2007

Down syndrome Awareness Month

Rylie is almost 5 years old and I just now found out that October is Ds awareness month. Of course having a child with Ds makes you aware of Ds all the time. When she was born I knew absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing about it. What I am aware of now is that babies born w/ Ds are the same as any baby. They eat, cry, sleep and are just as cute as any baby. I regret I didn't spend those first few days rejoicing in having a new baby the way I did with my other kids-I was too busy being scared to death and feeling sorry for myself. Plus it didn't help that their were some medical issues to deal with. Family and friends were very helpful during this time-Everyone congratulated us and offered so much help. I will always be grateful that nobody acted as though Rylie being born with Ds was a bad thing. I had to be reminded that she was still my daughter and nobody would treat her differently, and nobody ever has. Children with Down syndrome will reach all their milestones ( it may take alittle bit longer), they will laugh, cry, feel joy, love, hope, be silly, get mad, be sad, just like any child. -Oh and they will misbehave-Rylie reached that milestone right on time.LOL!!


RK said...

Welcome to the blog world, Valerie! Your girls are just adorable!


Ann said...

Your girls are beautiful! Thanks to RK for pointing your blog out!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Those are natural feelings. The important thing is that you did finally realize what a blessing she truly is.

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