Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year.................................

I hope...

For the past ten years I have made the same stop worrying and start trusting God more. I've come to realize this is not a resolution that can be solved in one, two or ten years. I think over the past ten years I have improved. I would not have improved if God hadn't give me so much practice. He has given me many opportunities to "Be anxious for nothing" and "Lean not on my own understanding".So I don't worry as much as I did 10 years ago. I have seen God's hand in my life so many times. I have seen his provision time and time again. How could I still be worrying ?

This week I will be going to Rylie's first transition meeting(Pre school to Kindergarten). I think this whole kindergarten thing is going to cause me to worry. I have dreaded this time ever since she was born.It's hard for me to say that this year I'm going to stop worrying, because I already know this will be a challenging year. I have been reaching out to other parents and learning of their successes and trials with their school age (Ds) children. I have been encourage. This is one of the many ways God has provided for me.

I hope this year will bring good health and good days to all. HAPPY 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

A conversation with Karlie about God and Down syndrome

If you have a child with Down syndrome then I'm pretty sure that at one time or another someone tried to encourage you with these words- Special parents get special children or special children get special parents. I remember after Rylie was born hearing this quite a bit. Vince and me were getting tired of it and we certainly weren't believing it. We actually turned it into an inside joke between us.

Last night I was having some deep conversation with Karlie. I asked her what she would do if someday she had a baby and the baby had Down syndrome. She said, Oh, I wouldn't care. I would want any baby that God gave me. Down syndrome is OK with me. (I wish I would have felt that way when Rylie was born). Next I started telling Karlie about when Rylie was born. I told her how I was so sad and how I kept praying to God that Rylie wouldn't have Down syndrome. Then I told her that now I know God didn't answer that prayer because he wanted her to have Down syndrome. He made her with Down syndrome because it is part of his plan. I might never know why this side of heaven,but I will trust God. Then Karlie said,"Mom, God trusted you". When he was deciding who would be Rylie's mom, he thought of you and trusted that you would be the best mom to take care of Rylie. In other words, she was trying to say special parents get special children. Now I believe it because Karlie says so!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm Bored.....

I never thought I would be able to say those words again. I haven't been bored in so long! I think it was sometime way back before I was a mom.

Today there is a family Christmas party and Vince took Rylie and Karlie. I had to stay home with Cesalie because she is not feeling well.She started w/a stomach bug on Sunday and by Wednesday she had an ear infection. Today she has a bad cough. She has had a bad week.I feel bad for her. I have called the pediatrician more this week then in the whole nine years I've been a mom. This has been the craziest,busiest,most exhausting week ever. Rylie, Karlie and myself were sick also.

So, now Cesalie is napping and I am sitting here BY MYSELF for the first time in so long. I don't even have any Christmas stuff to do right now. Well I do, but I don't want to. I better enjoy this while it last! It could be years before I say I'm bored again!

Friday, December 21, 2007

If you have been reading my blog

Do you like this new look better or the old one? I wanted to get a banner made for the top. Anyone know anyone????

Thursday, December 20, 2007


It seems like everyone of our ornaments either has Karlie's name on it,says baby's 1st Christmas 1998 or was made by Karlie.Poor Rylie and Cesalie. There is one photo frame picture ornament with Rylie's picture, but it's a picture of her and Karlie. And I have nothing for Cesalie yet. So we named our tree the Karlie tree.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night we went to see Santa at the mall. On the way there we got a flat tire so we had to go back home and get in the other car. Every single time my girls go somewhere to get a picture it rains. This time it rains and we get a flat. We had to move the car seats and everything.

Rylie's hair looks good in this picture, don't it. Don't forget she cuts hair now.Seriously, I just pull her sides up now and it looks cute. She did a good job.Santa didn't even notice.

Rylie was really in to Santa this year. She was having so much fun waiting in line watching the other kids get their pictures taken.she kept shouting Hi THANTA, Hi THanta! When it was her turn she ran up and gave him a big hug.

We tried to tell Karlie, that this Santa was the real deal,no impostor, no santa's helper, but this guy gave himself away when he told Rylie that she was a very good girl this year.

Cesalie didn't cry at all. All the other babies were crying. Which was good because it made the line move fast. lol

This is a picture of a picture so it's not that great. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cesalie Update

I took
Cesalie this past week to the ENT to see what he thought about her Tongue Tie. He sad it was so mild. He does not recommend doing anything to fix it. He thinks as she gets older it will stretch itself.He said he doesn't think it will ever cause any problems and just to leave it alone. This is also what the pediatrician told me. I will trust the two professional opinions and leave it at that.

Cesalie is almost six months now. Where does the time go? I am excited about her first Christmas. She will be meeting Santa tomorrow for the first time. I wonder what she will think of him.

She has officially said her first word-DA,DA,DA! Also on Friday night Great Grandmom Helen taught her how to clap her hands.

She loves to roll all over the house and can sit up for a few seconds without support.Also she likes CONSTANT attention. Honestly, no sooner did I type that last sentence and she started to cry for me, Gotta Go!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Get to know more about Rylie

I started this blog to raise awareness for Down Syndrome, hopefully to maybe encourage a new parent or someone who received a prenatal diagnosis, but I feel like all I have done so far is shown all of Rylie's bad behaviors. So now I am going to share all of the great things I love about Rylie................................

Rylie loves her family-she will always greet you with a big Hello and a Hug. She will always ask you -How was school today?-even though you didn't go to school.

Rylie loves babies...She is very gentle with her baby sister and will pat her back and tell her it's ok when she cries. If this doesn't work she will make sure I'm aware of the crying so I will act FAST...Rylie doesn't like to hear her baby sister cry.

Rylie is a great sleeper. She has been sleeping straight thru the night since the day we brought her home from the hospital.She still takes a 2 or 3 hour nap for me on the days she doesn't go to school.

Rylie is very girly-She loves to play dress up. She changes her shoes at least five times a day. She also would change her clothes all day if I let her. She loves to push her baby doll around in the stroller while carrying a shopping bag.

She loves Curious George! She watches her George movie at least once a day. I think she may be learning some of her tricks from him.-Ok I'm not suppose to be talking a bout bad behavior....

Rylie has a good vocabulary. She will repeat almost any words you teach her. She can talk in two or three word sentences. Some of the words she can say will amaze you.

Her favorite outdoor activities include soccer, riding her tricycle, the sliding board and swinging in the swing.

She loves her big sister Karlie and will try and imitate her every move. She tries to boss Karlie around sometimes, but Karlie puts her back in her place.

Rylie loves the school bus. Her bus driver and aide always comment on what a pleasure she is. She is extremely well behaved on the bus. She has a little friend on the bus and they hold hands to and from school.

Rylie is great at dressing herself and putting on her shoes. She knows how to get herself a snack. She knows how to work the computer, T.V. and DVD player. She only has to be told once to clean up her room. She can buckle or unbuckle anything!

Rylie loves to sing and dance. She loves to act silly. She can make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt.

Rylie really enjoys life and I really enjoy her. I love her so much.